Help need to find a rehearsal space in Norfolk !

This is a cry for help to the good people of Norfolk.  Jon and I, aka - Haywood Hix urgently need a space to rehearse our new outdoor performance 'works' which will open at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival on the 17th/18th May - 

  • Do you know a space we can occupy between the 12 - 16th of May ?  
  • We're looking for an old barn, village hall, something to get our 8ft 2" tall shed into ?
  • We need a space which is 16m by 10m with a height of about 4m ?

We can offer an exclusive preview at the end of the rehearsal week before the show starts its summer tour ! 

heavy lifting !

heavy lifting !

a shed load of ideas to show the passing world the fruit of two beautiful minds.
earnest companions with overalls, invention, a pet cat,
a cup of tea… and a leap of faith
everyday objects, ramshackle engineering, precise timing
and deadpan comedy all come into play in this chain reaction of a show
— Haywood Hix publicity machine